Combine Edition Based Redefinition view with its underlying table

It would be great if the "Describe" tabs for Edition Based Redefinition views either (ordered from most desirable to least):

1) Automatically went to the underlying table instead of the EBR view if the user set a preference to indicate that's what they wanted.

2) Had a button (like the Materialized Views do) to go to the underlying table's definition. It of course would be a one-way button since there can be multiple views on the base table.


3) Automatically included data from the underlying table (mostly the indexes and constraints tabs, but I could see adding any tab that isn't already there). These tabs could be put at the end and have some indicator that they're not for the actual view so people are less confused why the view has them... but they might still get confused since the names contained in the base table might be different than those in the view...


The reason I want this is I usually get to the table's definition by typing in the table's name and using F4 to define it. That worked great until Oracle changed it so all the APPS & public synonyms point at EBRs (or views that go through EBRs) in the EBS system in Oracle 12c... and I'd like to not have to remember/type in the schema of the underlying tables or click a lot to get to the underlying table just to see what indexes & constraints the table has.