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dbms_redefinition for single object compare

I like the Schema Compare’s ability to interface to dbms_redefinition to sync the order of columns for tables. Any chance this same functionality can be added to the Single Object Compare for tables? I tried the dbms_redefinition wizard and found it not so magical, for several reasons.

Yeah, that’s a good idea and the code already exists for it. I’ll take a look. I hate to add an option for something that only applies to tables, but I guess we’ve already started down that road.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you should be able to use schema compare and use the entire table name as the “LIKE” filter. It’ll pick up indexes, etc, that are related to the table, even if they have a different name (which of course they will)

I was using the Schema Compare with the LIKE filter, and found the Redef nice for reordering columns but a bit cumbersome for single table compares when Single Object compare does that so easily. Like I said, I tried the Redef “wizard” and quickly got annoyed with the Create LIke feature that didn’t allow me to Create the interim table Like another table - a bit confusing IMO. Anyway, thanks for looking into the “easy” method.