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F4 DESCRIBE window


if you type a name and click F4 the window shows all objects (usually but not always) that have the same name. This is especially obvious with Materialized Views since a MV has both a TABLE definition and a VIEW definition. The guys at the office asked me to check if there is a way to specify a default.

They still have not got a Toad “expert|” to handle stuff like this, and as I still have a soft spot in my head for them I am communicating with you for them.

Most of the time when F4ing an MV they want the Table description. So it would be nice if the table was highlighted. and you just needed to hit ENTER. Though a better option would be to have a default dropdown where you could choose a table and for the short time when MVs are wanted it could be changed to MV and then back to TABLE.

ETRG (Erwin The Retired Guy)


You should contract yourself out to be a consultant for them. If you’re
going to do the work, you might as well get paid.


Right now, if it’s a MV, we’re going to show the MV in the describe
window. When the describe MV window opens, you can tab twice, then enter, and
the describe table window will open.

If they still want an option to default to Table, please ask them to put it in
Idea Pond. This would be easy to do but I want to make sure there is more
support for it before I add another option.