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Comments missing in TC Objects Overview

I recognized the following issue:

In the "Show Team Coding Objects" window the symbols for existing comments on object are greyed out. In the "Transaction History" part the comments are active and on click a window with correct comment appears. Why are the comments in main window inactive? Wouldn't it be better to show the comment (if too large first 30 letters) instead of a symbol?

Best regards

Dennis Reddin

Hey Dennis,

That field was carried over from an older version of Team Coding, but doesn’t really store anything at the moment. I can definitely see the advantage of showing the last check-in or check-out comment in that field.

I’ve made a change for Monday’s beta to show the last check-in and check-out comment in that column. I’ve also updated the column to show a partial comment by default, with the ability to drop it down to display the entire comment. Let me know if that works for what you need.



Hello John,

that works fine. Thanks.

Best regards