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Team Coding Not Capturing View Comments (13.2.109)

I added some comment statements to a view after it was created and it didn't trigger Team Coding to do check in/check out

In Team Coding Configuration, DDL Options, under the Object Types tab, Views has Comments and everything else checked except "Query only". the Tables tab has table comments and column comments checked as well.

However, the team project we are running is not capturing tables or indexes if that makes a difference.

Hi Dale,

Sorry for the delayed response! I just tried these steps within my local copy of Toad Beta and it prompted me for a checkout pressing both F5 and F9 in the editor. The steps I followed were:

  1. Open Schema Browser and navigate to a Team Coding controlled View
  2. Press F4 to describe and go to the script window
  3. Press the "Open in editor" button
  4. Add a comment to the view
  5. Press F5 and/or F9.

In both cases, Toad prompted me to check out the object before execution. I also double-checked to make sure my DDL and Team Project options matched yours. Are you following a different set of steps?


John, the roof fell in here at work and I didn't get a chance to recheck my inputs earlier. I did eventually find the comments in GIT. So maybe I just blinked at the wrong time or something? Consider it closed. Thanks!