Commit or rollback when closing connection

Toad 17.0.22, RDBMS 19.16, 19.16 Instant Client

A connection is opened, which is configured to automatically open a Schema Browser and Editor.
One query is run:

select 1 from dual@REMOTE_DBLINK_NAME;

Then upon closing the connection, the Commit or rollback dialog box is raised. Why is Toad detecting that a SELECT statement has left a hanging commit?


The use of a DB Link causes a transaction to start.

try this:

select sys.dbms_transaction.local_transaction_id from dual;

If there is no transaction, it will return an empty row.

Then do a "select * from dual@my_db_link"

and finally another select sys.dbms_transaction.local_transaction_id from dual;

You'll see something like this:

Thanks. Learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

You're welcome. The long answer has something to do with distributed transactions, which I'll admit , I don't know much about.