Toad World® Forums "End Connection" reconnects

I have my sessions running in profiles limiting connect time, so they get disconnected when idle for some time.
Then, if I have more connections open in the editor and want to close them with "End Connection" button, I get an error that my session is disconnected and am being offered to reconnect.
Does not make sense to me...
The error and a dialog box with reconnect option is unnecessary. Just remove the disconnected session.

You're right, it doesn't make sense. There are a couple of things going on here.

We have a standard error dialog that is used if any query has an error. If the error is one of the "no longer connected" type errors, that error dialog includes a reconnect option.

When you disconnect, depending on options, Toad checks to see if you have a transaction in progress, or maybe it tries to just commit or rollback.

So, the commit/rollback/transaction check query is getting a "not connected" error, so we throw up our standard error dialog with the reconnect option, which, you are right, doesn't make much sense when all you want to do is disconnect.

In the betas, I added an option to just disconnect w/o an explicit commit or rollback or transaction check. If you want to use that option, go to Options -> Oracle -> transactions. Under "when closing connections", change it to "Just disconnect". For normal disconnects, oracle will commit when we disconnect.