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Beta Notes

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Code Analysis

  • Fix on Rule 5401 ("Avoid using an IN OUT parameter as IN only.") and Rule 5402 ("Avoid using an IN OUT parameter as OUT only."): Rewritten to execute them much faster, e.g. x100.
  • Fix on Rule 2746 ("A CASE statement should have an ELSE clause") : Updated highlighting in CASE statement without ELSE, only the end CASE is marked instead of the whole statement.


Option -> Oracle -> Transactions has 2 new options.

In "When Closing Connections", there is now a "Just disconnect" option among the existing Commit/Rollback/Prompt options. "Just disconnect" means that when you end your connection, Toad will not attempt to detect if a transaction is in progress. It will just close the connection as quickly as possible. According to Oracle documentation, if the session is closed normally (which it will be if it wasn't timed out), then Oracle will perform an implicit commit. If the session is closed abnormally (they don't really specify what this means, but presumably timeouts and the like) then then Oracle will rollback.

In "On Test/Reconnect", there are 2 options:

  • Disconnect/Reconnect without testing connection first
  • Test and reconnect only if needed

The latter is how Toad has always behaved and will be the default. The former will do just what it says. When you use either of the "Test/Reconnect" options from Toad's main menu, Toad will just close and reconnect those sessions without testing first.

These new options are in an effort to improve long timeout behavior on lost connections that some users have reported. If this is you, please try "Just Disconnect" and "Disconnect/Reconnect without testing connection first" and let us know if they help or not.