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Commit Question

A co-worker of mine puzzled me a bit.

He installed TOAD When he runs a commit (typed in the editor) and
uses either F5 or execute as script, the commit does not actually commit into
the DB, even thought the committed message shows up in TOAD. When F9 or execute
statement is clicked, commit works fine.

According to him, TOAD worked just fine. The actual commit button
works as well.

Below is the spooled SQL.

I am very curious as to what is going on.


Are you running F5 in the main Toad session or in its own session (Options ->
Oracle -> Transactions -> Execute scripts in Toad session)? If that’s not
checked, you’re performing a commit in a different session than the main Toad


I’ll bet it’s a session issue. He probably has “run scripts in
separate session” or whatever that option is called set, so F5 and Run As
Script do the commit in a different session, and so don’t commit the work
from the session in which he did the work.

Nate Schroeder

Enterprise Services - Data Management Team

Monsanto Company

800 N. Lindbergh Blvd. LC4D - Saint Louis, MO - 63167


Yes, it is checked.

Just replied to Gregory.

It is not the case.