How do I manually commit a transaction

How do I manually commit a transaction

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*How do I manually commit a transaction
In the editor, add the word "commit" to your SQL statements. When you are done, put the cursor on it, and F9.
If you are running the editor contents as a script with F5, then just add commit to the end, but be sure that you really want to commit as part of the script - sometimes it goes horribly wrong and commits a steaming pile of "not what you expected", so in scripts I don't comit until I've seen the results. Then I just proceed as per the above, with F9.
Of course, watch out for the setting about running Toad statements in separate threads. In this case, you can't commit in the editor if yo F5'd, for example, the contents of the editor as they ran in a separate connection.
If you are editing in the grid, there are commit and rollback buttons on the "button bar", make your changes and when satisfied, click the button to commit (or rollback).
Of course. if auto-commit is turned on in the options, always a bad idea, then all bets about manually committing are off, as Toad will commit after each statement.
Does anyone ever leave auto-commit enabled? I hope not!
Norm. [TeamT]
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How do I manually commit a transaction

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type commit; press CTRL+ENTER or press F9

and it shows that commit executed as output.