Compare Multiple Schemas - One summary file?


We are using Toad and when we compare multiple schemas and select only "Difference summary" for the Output, it generates one summary file per schema. Is there a way to generate only one difference summary file instead ? We are comparing above 100 schemas and it would be much easier to read the summary in one file instead of 100 files.



Check the "Difference summary: email" option and you'll get an email with a summary of all comparisons. Set up email settings in main Toad options -> email.

I've logged an enhancement to save this overall summary to file.


Thanks John, the email option is working!

Have a nice day.


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Hi Mario,

The next Toad version, 16.3, will save an overall summary file in addition to the per-comparison summary files. It will be included in the next beta (to be released on Monday), which you can get here if you update to version 16.2.