Compare of package source damaged

In my toad version 12.12 and 13.1 beta, comparing package sources does not work the way it should. The comparisons are completely divergent and whole blocks are not displayed as changes.

In a newly installed version 13.0, on the other hand, it works.

I suspect some configuration parameter is wrong, but which one?

Are you talking about the side-by-side viewer? Have you compared the options (last toolbar button)?

Yes, the options are the same on 12.12 and 13.0

yes, I have checked hat.

Here are some screenshots of the compare config and the compare mismatch
toad compage mismatch.pdf (248 KB)

Thanks I can reproduce that and have logged it.

ugh. I thought I reproduced it. But now it behaves as it should.

Can you send me the 2 packages?


There is a secound comape mismatch.

I can send you the package sources, but please not over the comunity. Do you have a personal mail adress for me
toad compage mismatch 2.pdf (187 KB)

Hi Stefan,

You can send it to me at That is my work email address. It will not go to the forum if you send it there.

Please also zip up your User Files folder and send that too. It should be under something like:

C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.0\User Files



Thanks Stefan,

I can reproduce it now. There is a "select count() from …" in there, and in your options you have it set to ignore stuff enclosed with ( … *).

If you turn off that option, I think it will compare as expected.