Toad for Oracle v13: "Compare with Database Object" does not work anymore

Hi all,

since I’ve upgraded my Toad v12.12 to v13 I cannot compare editor-tabs with database objects.

This is what I do:

  • open connection DB1
  • load database object (e.g. a package “TEST_PACKAGE”)
  • open connection DB2
  • switch the editor instance from DB1 to DB2 using “Switch Session” from the toolbar
  • right-click the editor tab and select “Compare To:” -> “Database Object USER.TEST_PACKAGE”
    Since upgrading an error message appears: “Unable to retrieve DDL for USER.TEST_PACKAGE”. I also get this when I try to compare the tab on the connection I just loaded the object from.

I have copied my user data via “Utilities” -> “Copy User Settings…” from my previous v12.12. May this be a problem with my configuration or has anybody the same problems?


Update: Tried the same with a fresh profile (moved my User Files and let Toad generate a new one). The results are the same. “Compare to Database Object” seems broken.

Yes, I see the place in code where it is broken. I’ll have it fixed for first 13.1 beta. Sorry about that :frowning:

I know it’s not nearly as convenient…but as a workaround:

  1. save Editor contents to file

  2. find object in Schema Browser. Right-click -> Compare. Single Object Compare opens.

  3. choose file from step 1.

It’s Toad 9.1 all over again :wink:

At least the bug was found fairly easy and gets fixed. I’ll stick with 12.12 for now. Thank you for clearification.