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Compare Schema - how to just generate Shapshot File now; then do db compare later

I have Toad 12.10…30, Toad for Oracle Expert, with the DB Admin Module.

I’m trying to generate a Schema Compare Snapshot File under Database->Compare->Schemas. I have a current database that was expdp/impdp to a different database on a server which can’t be reached concurrently. I thought with a Snapshot .sdxml file, I’d be able to do compare the live new database with an offline snapshot of the old database.

However in the Compare Schemas screen, even though under Source Schema, I have Create Schema Snapshot File checked, it still seems to want me to select either a Target Schema, or Schema Snapshot File. I’d have thought that if I’m generating a Snapshot file, it should only need to connect to the Source database.

So I guess my question is, how do I generate JUST the Snapshot file, without doing an immediate comparison? Thanks.


Go to Generate Schema Script if you just want to create the file. You can use that file later for comparison.