Compare schema validity


could you invent “validity” check in compare scema/object.

Reason is that when on many test you recreate i9ndex and then enable constraint, you use “NOVALIDATE” as faster option.

But then in compare many objects has “validity” difference.

Any way to introduce checkbox for that part (check/uncheck validation).



I can add that for next version. Too late for 13.0, sorry.

Hi John,

Ad to any newer beta and I will be able to use it immediately.


What I mean is that we are done adding new features to Toad 13.0 betas. In fact we are probably done with betas for Toad 13. Just fixing bugs at this point in preparation for official release. Toad 13 will be GA soon.

I can add this to next version’s beta. Toad 13.1 or whatever it will be. But that won’t come out until after Toad 13 GA.