Compare Schemas constraints seem to be ignored?


In 17.1.375.2275, I'm trying to compare PKs between two schemas (2 different DBs, both v19.20, if that matters). However, if I unselect all object types, and only select Constraints->Primary Key, I get "Choose one or more object types to be compared.". If I add "Indexes" the compare happens, but doesn't find the PK diffs I know are there (as found in the Single Object compare on a table common between the two schemas).

Thoughts? Let me know if there's more info I can provide, although it seems like a straightforward test setup. Thanks!


Hi Rich,

I'll look at this later today. It's possible that I broke something here with recent Export DDL changes (shared code) but I would guess not.

In the meantime, check "tables" also. I know you'll likely have more results to wade though but I think then the PK diffs will appear. Sorry about that.


I still don't see the PK diffs when including tables, but I do if I also include indexes with the tables (makes sense to me, given the underlying dictionary views).

Thanks John!

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