Compare To Menu Option Shows Only 'File' Option

I am right clicking within the editor, and am choosing 'Compare To'.

I am seeing a sub option called 'File'.

I am not seeing a sub option with the name of the other tabbed editor windows I have.

Any ideas? My expectation is that I can choose one of the other tabbed editors, to do a code to code comparison.

FYI, there are two "Compare To" features... one off the code contents of the Editor, and one off the Data Grid Results of the Editor.

The Compare-To off the results grid does list any other data grids to compare the current grid contents with, as below.

The Editor's code content is currently only limited to comparing to file contents. However, as a fellow user, I think your use case has merit. It would be great if you could post your request in the Toad Data Point Idea Pond for future consideration!

Thank you for your thoughts Gary.

OK, I see now that choosing the 'File' option, and then selecting the .sql file works fine.

Compare to options for comparing contents of other tabbed editor windows works in my version of Toad for SQL Server.

But on version I ONLY see the File option.

Was the feature of comparing tabbed editor contents removed? Please return it. It is very valuable.