Compilation Lockup

Please help save me from myself. I frequently try to recompile packages while they are in use elsewhere, such as in a scheduled job. This causes Toad to hang, even if the Cancel button is pushed. Can you check to see if the package/procedure/function or view is in use and give me a "Really? You really want to do this?" warning? This would save me a lot of grief resetting things after I make the mistake.

Hi Brian,

What version are you on? I fixed something very similar a few versions ago.


Toad for Oracle Xpert (64-bit)

Add Ons: DB Admin Module


I don't see a great way in the data dictionary to tell if a package is in use. All I see on the internet is various ways of looking at currrent SQL of different sessions and trying to determine if there is a package call in there.


I may have found a way: I set up a long running job and then searched DBA_DDL_LOCKS:



Ah. Good call. I'll explore that soon. Will probably make it an option.