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Complex query returns no results in Edge

So I write a lot of complex queries in my job and often have to create temporary tables to manipulate the data a second time. I’m not sure whats going on with this query exactly but when I execute it in Toad for MySQL I get a nice little results set with one row showing me the count. In Toad Edge I get … nothing. The progress window clearly shows that it’s executing 5 different statements but once it’s done this is all I see (even if I get rid of the “DROP TABLE” so the last statement is the SELECT).

Execution successful:

No results:

The question is similar to the other question and the result set generated would be based on the option used to run SQL script.

Hi Thomas,

At present, for the results set to appear you need to execute the SELECT statement with nothing else included. You could try executing the part of the script before the SELECT statement, then the statement (and possibly save the results), and then the rest of the script.

I realize it is not optimal, so I have created a new CR to address this.