compression-level information in SQL Server 2008 model update


I’ve used Toad for a few years now and am fairly comfortable with the layout and functionality. We work almost entirely with SQL Server 2008, and so a lot of our activities are centered around that database.

In Toad Modeler 3.5, I was able to do a “model update” and get compression level data (PAGE, ROW, NONE) to come through from the source (in model update, that’s always the database). For some reason, in Toad Modeler 3.6, I’m not getting compression to come through, but I know it’s there at the database level. For whatever reason, it’s not coming through in the model update.

Does anyone have suggestions for me? Something I can do/check to get around this? Can someone validate my findings in both 3.5 and 3.6?

I wonder if I submit it as a bug to the Toad developer?