connect to svn is not recursive


I have an existing repository, with a folder and subfolder containing Oracle packages. An initial checkout has been performed by Tortoise SVN (svn version is 1.10)

I can connect to the repository with Team Coding using currently Toad

When “Perform an initial checkout” is NOT checked, and recurse depth is disabled, with the path to the existing checkouted working directory, I can connect, see and use the pkb ans pks files only at the higher level. I see the name of subdirectories, but they don’t expand and I can’t see the sources below the higher level.

When, I select a new working directory and perform the initial checkout, fully recursive, it works better and I can use the files at any level. But I don’t want to have this duplicated working directory, I want to use the existing one.

How can I use an existing working directory and see more than the higher level ?

Thanks for help !

I suspect you may be setting your repository URL incorrectly, but I may need a little more information to track this down. It seems to be working here following the steps you outlined. Are you trying to configure a new Team Coding project in the Team Coding Configuration window, or are you connecting to an existing one? If the latter, you may need to make sure that the repository URL you’re using is the same as the one that was defined by the Team Project.

Also, since you’re connecting to a local checkout you’ve performed outside Toad, you may need to make sure that the repository URL you’re using for your connection within Toad is the same as the one you’ve defined outside Toad in Tortoise. If they get out of sync, it can cause the issues you’re describing. Remember, Team Coding can optionally place files within a subfolder from your main repository URL.

It’s always a good idea to allow Toad to create your connection, rather than connecting to an existing, external one. You can do the latter; however, you need to make sure that everything (url, folder structure, etc) is lined up correctly otherwise the commands issued by Toad will cause Subversion to return errors. Letting Toad create the working folder makes sure everything is in sync before you start using it.