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Connecting BenchMark Factory V 6.5.1 to DB2 on z/OS V9.1

We are new to Benchmark Factory. We have been able to set up and run workloads to
DB2 LUW and Oracle. When we try to do the same with DB2 on z/OS we get the following error:
ODBC Error (51002,FFFFFCDB) - [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0805N Package “DBU2.NULLID.SYSSH200.5359534C564C3031” was not found. SQLSTATE=51002
DBU2 is the location name for the DB2 subsystem on z/OS. This is an ODBC connection. We believe we have all the necessary packages bound on z/OS so really don’t know what is missing. Any ideas?

Proper BINDING of the CLI packages are required once per subsystem on zos. This is done by navigating to the correct DB2 SQLLIB\BND directory and issuing: db2 connect to user using db2 BIND @DDCSMVS.LST SQLERROR CONTINUE BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLICdb2 connect reset Normally this is done by invoking the DB2 command processor (required to establish the “DB2” environment), then exiting the command processor.
(You can open the DB2 command processor on a windows machine via: Start | Programs | IBM DB2 | | Command Line Tools | Command Line Processor.) Once in the CLP, type ‘quit’ and you will be at a DOS command prompt. Then back up one directory and then descend into the BND directory ( cd …/BND). By invoking the DB2 command processor from the START menu, DB2 will automatically establish the DB2 command environment and place you in the appropriate BIN directory.
Here’s a URL that basically outlines all the steps mentioned above:

Thanks Jeff. That did the trick. I appreciated the detailed steps you included. It was especially helpful for a mainframe centric person as myself.

Check if the package exists using following query to verify if the database contains the SYSSH200 package:
select * from sysibm.SYSPACKAGE where name like ‘SYSSH200%’

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