Connecting to HIVE Using ODBC Connector

I am trying to connect to Hive Using ODBC connector.

  1. I downloaded ODBC driver 2.5 from Cloudera website

  2. Fill in all the information

getting Error : [Cloudera][ThriftExtension] (2) Error occured during authentication.

I can connect to HIVE successfully using Web Link

Did you use the Cloudera Impala connection type with the Cloudera Hive Driver? Try that instead of Generic ODBC

Hi , I am using Cloudera ODBC drive. I don't know where I am going wrong.

Hi NiknilP,

What’s the cloudera package version you are connecting to ? the latest one 5.14?

Besides hive ODBC connection, can you try the native Hive connection in Toad Data Point ?

Hi Vincent,

I am using Toad Data Point Version 3.6 , which I think does not support HIVE connection.

So the only option to connect I could think of is using ODBC.

Try the Trial version.