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What happened to TOAD for HADOOP?

Sorry to post it here, but I can no longer find this on TOAD's site anywhere. (Though hoping the option will soon be added into TDP :slight_smile: )


Hi Adam,
Toad for Hadoop has been discontinued.
You can use TDP to connect to some data sources like this but administration features will be limited.

TDP= Toad Data Point

I was HOPING that it would be included in TDP - what version was it implemented in? We're currently still on (site license), but I can see if I can get an exception for an upgrade.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

These types of connections are available for NoSQL:
Please try the latest trial version of TDP - the latest is 5.1.3.

I am currently using TDP to connect to Hadoop environments using the Impala connection, which requires the Cloudera Impala ODBC driver installed on my local pc and then establish a connection to the Hadoop server in the ODBC administrator (must use 64 bit as well) .

For HIVE, I am unable to establish connections at this time, I suspect it is because TDP uses JDBC and I believe our servers do not support JDBC yet.

One note is the Cloudra Impala ODBC driver seems to have issues with reading views. Some environments we can see views, others we cannot, it seems to be a known issue with the Impala driver that has no sign of being solved soon. So if you can connect using HIVE that may be the best option.

since 5.0.3 you should be able to see Hive Views in Toad (per QAT-14069).


Yes I think it would work in Hive if I could establish connections using Hive, but right now I am only able to connect through Impala ODBC connections in TDP - and through these connections I am sometimes not able to see views.

For example here are 2 nearly identical environments in our Hadoop cluster, dev and cert. In Dev I can see views within a database as "tables", but in cert I cannot. There is no section for "Views" only tables.


I'm sorry I've misread it. Unfortunately for Impala we cannot display views. We have outstanding tickets open for requests like this (e.g.TMB-2246) and we have this ticket open at Apache:

Thanks Dan - it does work on some environments, which is odd, since the way I read the Apache incident makes it sound like there is no way to see views through Impala. So somehow it is possible, perhaps if I can figure out how it's working for us now on some environments I can share that info.

What is the correct cloudera ODBC connector version that works best with Toad data point 5.1 32 bit system. I use both Cloudera HIVE and Impala.