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Connection aliases

Two issues related to connection aliases.

  1. Aliases I create are available for selection in the Reverse Engineering and Connections dialog boxes, but not in the Model Update. I thought at first that they stored aliases in different places, but when I go through the Model Update steps, when I get to the Save Alias page, my existing aliases are shown. Unless I’m missing a setting, it looks like a bug.

  2. Somewhat related, I would have thought that alias names created in Toad for Oracle would be shown in TDM, but they are all shown as “Toad Project Aliasx.” It would be nice if the alias names could be imported, but failing that, is there any way to edit them in TDM? I can’t figure it out.

Hi Roddy,

  1. In the Model Update only aliases of the particular database are offered when selecting it and when saving all aliases are offered, because you may want to overwrite some saved alias or to make you see available saved aliases names.

  2. As far as I know, aliases in Toad for Oracle do not have name by default. It’s an optional value. Therefore, they are not imported and the aliases are given “Toad Project Aliasx” name.
    They can be edited when re-saved in TDM. They become TDM aliases and can be edited as regular aliases.


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