Connection color Changes

Dear All:

I am using the Toad 9.7 edition and usually color coded the connection like production as Red, DEV as Purple and so on for easy identification. However, sometimes the color changes if I click on the color when making the connection.

Is there a way to make the color permanent until you change it. Also how to put a few connection into the favorite.

Any help, advise, suggestion will be highly appreciated.


For the Favorites there is a column in the connection grid called “Favorites”.
If you don’t see it then right click on the grid and select “Select Visible
Columns” and check it. Then simple check each connection you want to show up in
your Favorites list.

As for the color I’m not fully understanding the issue. If on the right side of
the connection window you select a different color it is saved to that
connection when you connect. I know that in previous version that color dropdown
was only for setting a color on new connections but I was just playing with it
in 9.7 and seemed to save the color selected for that connection correctly. You
can also change the color for a connection in the grid too and that seems to be
working correctly in 9.7 too. Do you have a step by step example of the color
changing when you did not want it to change?



I think they’re saying they want a way to permanently mark a color
selection that cannot accidently be over ridden by user error J