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Connection Manager Colors

Hi all,

A cosmetic question here but it really helps when working on multiple environments / connections.

Is there a way to improve a bit the readability of the Toad for Oracle connection to Schema Browser and Editor sub-windows? I use version 13.1 and there is a really thin border of the connection color for the icons but it's barely visible.

I was thinking something more like in the attached screenshot - where the whole connection button and the Schema Browser and Editor buttons have the same color as defined for the connection.

Kind Regards,

Hey Marius,

It's been awhile since Toad's colorization has been updated, and I like the idea of revisiting it. The last time the connection coloring was debated (15 years ago, maybe?) must be the most heated Toad conversations I've seen. The subject is...erm, everyone will have an opinion.

Just thought I'd mention that ahead of any conversations so that we all are able to provide input with respect to others.

And know that my opinions about the colorization of Toad are always the best... :wink: :wink: :wink:

Looking forward to the ideas! :slight_smile:


I'd like to see the assigned connection color show up on the tabs of the connection bar. Unrelated to colors but It would also be nice to auto group/sort the connection bar buttons by connection.

I agree it would be alot better if the connection colours were more prominent. It is a personal preference so have the option of thin line or as Raymond points out the tabs are colored with the connection to which tabs relate to what connection.


I totally agree with Raymond and Red_dog.

@Toad team - how do we do it here? Is there an idea list for the future versions we could add this request?