A quick question for those of you who like connection colors


I know a longstanding gripe of connection colors has been that they just aren't obvious enough if windows within Toad are not maximized.

For version 17.0 (coming out in September-Octoberish), if you have connection colors set up AND color scheme enabled under Options -> Color Scheme, then your selected connection color will fill Toad's entire border, like this:

And of course the color will change as you move from one connection to another within Toad.

I realize that this may be too over the top for some of you. You'll be able to disable this feature if you want.

My question is:

Would you want to enable this for only specific connection colors, or is all-or-nothing enough?

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I personally like this idea, John. Be interested to see how other users feel about micro-managing this for some colors and not others. I'd vote to keep this simple, and just have the all-or-nothing switch.

I really REALLY like connection colors and would very much like it to be more obvious. It is my opinion that an all or nothing approach would be just fine.


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I have used connection colors for years and I think this sounds like a nice idea. I also believe an all-or-nothing approach is acceptable.

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I use and rely on color coded connections. Making the connection color more obvious is a good idea. All or nothing setting is fine for me.

I would expect the connection color to show on the connection bar rather than the Toad border however. I can live with it either way.

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Hi Raymond,

The connection bar is not a bad idea. I might be able to implement that when color schemes are not in use, as opposed to the whole border - which I can only do when a scheme is enabled. I'll investigate that possibility.


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I agree with the previous posts - great idea, and all-or-nothing is enough. I am looking forward to TOAD 17 :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to keep color limited to footer bar as it was in prior versions instead of changing the Windows header it is too bright and bad optics especially when switch connections. Thank you.

Yes. When I added this feature, I knew that it would be too garish for some people and under some themes.

You can turn it off here:

You are the best. My eyes are thanking you. :slight_smile:

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I would like to see the connection tab colored, too, rather than just a narrow-lined box of color around the connection icon. Or, at the very least, a solid box of color behind that transparent background connection icon. That would also work. I work with multiple connections and their tabs are strung across the page. Sometimes those thin boxes of color are a little hard to distinguish from each other and I find myself having to read text on the tab to figure out what it is. With similarly named connection strings, I really have to pay attention.

Hi Joan,

I think the "solid box behind the icon" idea could work. Can't make any promises, but I'll give it a shot.


The icons look bad with a solid color behind them, but I've changed the colored square from a 1-pixel width to a 2-pixel width.



I think that makes it more clear without making things ugly.

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Hi John,

Aww. A thicker line is better than a thinner one. Thanks for attempting it.


Yeah the solid color just wasn't going to work. if the color is blue or yellow, for example, part of the image just disappeared. Same thing if the whole button was colored.