A quick question for those of you who like connection colors


I know a longstanding gripe of connection colors has been that they just aren't obvious enough if windows within Toad are not maximized.

For version 17.0 (coming out in September-Octoberish), if you have connection colors set up AND color scheme enabled under Options -> Color Scheme, then your selected connection color will fill Toad's entire border, like this:

And of course the color will change as you move from one connection to another within Toad.

I realize that this may be too over the top for some of you. You'll be able to disable this feature if you want.

My question is:

Would you want to enable this for only specific connection colors, or is all-or-nothing enough?

I personally like this idea, John. Be interested to see how other users feel about micro-managing this for some colors and not others. I'd vote to keep this simple, and just have the all-or-nothing switch.

I really REALLY like connection colors and would very much like it to be more obvious. It is my opinion that an all or nothing approach would be just fine.


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I have used connection colors for years and I think this sounds like a nice idea. I also believe an all-or-nothing approach is acceptable.

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I use and rely on color coded connections. Making the connection color more obvious is a good idea. All or nothing setting is fine for me.

I would expect the connection color to show on the connection bar rather than the Toad border however. I can live with it either way.

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Hi Raymond,

The connection bar is not a bad idea. I might be able to implement that when color schemes are not in use, as opposed to the whole border - which I can only do when a scheme is enabled. I'll investigate that possibility.


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I agree with the previous posts - great idea, and all-or-nothing is enough. I am looking forward to TOAD 17 :slight_smile: