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Connection issue with cross-connection query


I’m trying to understand the issue regarding a cross-connection query i created between Oracle and MySQL odbc connections. I also tried creating a connection between Oracle and Access db with the same results.

Here’s the error I’m encountering -

2/6/2015 8:58:58 AM: Excuting export using connection sourcing_db
2/6/2015 8:58:58 AM: Export_2 - IDbConnection is not closed and not valid for the IConnection: ‘Quest_Stage’

There error occurs when I try automating the activity with exporting the data to excel with the export template.


I can’t say I have seen those errors before. By any chance are you connecting with a user named 'QUEST_STAGE" or using a database/schema of the same? that is the name of our Toad Sample Database and I think it is getting confused. Can you change test to not use these?