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Querying Oracle Data Connection Against Excel Data Connection

Hello, I’m new to Toad, and we are using Toad Datapoint 3.2 – I’ve imported a flat excel file and am trying to query against Oracle tables. I get a System.InvalidCastException Unable to cast object of type ‘Quest.Toad.Oracle.OracleToadConnection’ to type ‘Quest.Toad.Odbc.OdbcToadConnection’.Stack Trace error. Is there something I should be doing differently? I haven’t been able to find any resolution online. Any suggestions?

Trying importing the data again. Are you importing into a new table? If so, look at the column data types. We propose data types but perhaps we are making a mistake. It sounds like data is going into data base but when you try to read it the data type is not compatible.

If that seems okay, then look at your connections. Are you using an OCI client to connect to Oracle, direct connect or ODBC? You really want to use an OCI client connection. You will need to have at least the instance client files installed.

If you are using an OCI client connection, do you have more than one type of connection open when this happens?Try closing all connections except the one Oracle OCI connection.

Let me know the info on these questions so we can pursue the issue.