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Connection Manager in Optimizer vs CM in Toad for Oracle

I run Toad for Oracle 11.5 and have been for quite awhile. It’s been a few years since I used the optimizer. I just tried to log into my database and I get an error: Access violation at address 1DA4DEEE in module ‘oran11.dll’. Read of address 5DA4E1B0.

I’m using the same Oracle Home. Anyone know what’s going on?

There were some problems with SQL Optimizer not detecting Oracle homes as well as Toad for Oracle does - and those were fixed in 12.1 or 12.5. Basically known issue and you’ll need to upgrade to fix. If you are on support / maintenance contract all upgrades are free - you just login to support site and download newer versions. If you are not, there is no way to get the upgrade. Sometimes people will try to use a free trial to upgrade - but our trials do not accept nor work with permanent license keys - so don’t try that :slight_smile: