"Export_1 - The network path was not found" - help?

I have toad data point and I am connected to an oracle database for work.

I have automated many export files (.txp) which run SQL and output the data to a sharepoint in the form of an excel file.

I have these .tas files scheduled each day and they work no problem most of the time, then randomly I get the error “export_1 - The network path was not found”.

I have tried deleting my TXP and TAS files and recreating them using the Export Wizard to no avail.

I find this issue will seemingly fix itself and work again with no apparent fix?!?!

I had this issue on the 4th June 2018 and again today.

What trouble shooting can I try to fix this issue?

Some things to note:

This issue has occurred on both a wireless connection with VPN and on a LAN going through a firewall - works fine on these connections most of the time

It only happens every now and again - the .tas and .txp files run normally most of the time.

This issue is sporadic.

Thanks, James.

This happens for me about every 2 weeks as well. My issue is being caused by paths becoming unavailable because of patching. Whether it be the resource server that I have the SQL stored on or my destination server. You could always put some logic in place in your automation to try and catch it and run a script to ping different resources to determine the failure point or add something to a batch script that triggers it to test before it starts. I personally have gone to a design of keeping my scripts local to my machine, exporting locally and then using the Automation Copy command to migrate the file into the production server so I don’t have to run it completely twice. Best of luck!

There is not much we can do about network connectivity issues. But in TDP 5.0 we have added to the copy file activity that if it fails to copy over the file to try N times again. This should help.