Copy-paste include headers in Excel

Hi! After installing the new version of Toad 16.2, copy-pasting (CTRL+C - CTRL-V) more than one value (over column or line) in Excel automatically include the headers which is new. That is nice but in some case, that is not a desirable behavior. Is there an option to control this?

Hi Jean-Francois,

We did not intend to make that change. We'll have it fixed for the next version.

There is a workaround, but it may be less convenient than just removing the column header after pasting. The workaround is:

  • Do CTRL+Shift+C instead of CTRL+C.
  • The "Export Dataset" dialog appears, preconfigured for copy to clipboard and delimited text.
  • Uncheck "Include column headers" and click OK.
  • Paste into Excel

Hi John! Thanks for your quick answer.