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Copy table from one SQL Server DB to another Server and DB

I ended up doing an Export to SQL Script to the clipboard, then opening an editor with the other connection pasting then running in the new server.

However my question, is there an easier way to do that. I thought perhaps a cross connection between the two Servers and doing a select into con1 from con2 but this produces an error.

Select *
into Connection1.Database1.Schema1.Table1
from Connection2.Database2.Schema2.Table1

So it is better to use IMPORT because it looks like it does what I need to. Strange the Export does not work similar to the Import.

Just used Import and it worked really well.

Yes. Import is what you need. When using the Add Query method you are actually exporting from one database and importing at the same time.

I use this feature all the time. Pretty nifty