how to select from a table via another connection

How do i create a sql statement that allows me to select data from a table that exist on another connection.

Example i have 3 instances of the same database which contain data at 3 different times.


I am trying to write an SQL statement that pulls data out of a table on the PROD connection and inserts the data into same table on the DEVL connection.

Can this be handled within an sql statement?



if the DEVL server can make a connection to the PRODUCTION server, then you can create a database link on the DEVL server that points to the PRODUCTION server.

Then you could connect to the DEVL server and do a statement like this:

Create table

as select * from @

If that’s not an option, and the source/target tables already exist, then you can connect with Toad to the production database, find your table in the schema browser, rt-click and choose “Copy to another schema”. That will open a window where you can choose the target table and it will copy the data across.