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Copying/moving projects from one version to the next


I have installed the latest release of TDM ( I had been using both the latest Beta 5 version and the previously released

For both previous releases I used the internal version control manager for all of my work.

The install of does not migrate any of my previous work to the new installation.

What is the correct way to copy that previous work to the new installation and incorporate that into the internal version control manager?

I’ve copied he models and the projects to the “…Models” folder and the “…Installation 5\VersionManager\Server” folder applicable to the new installation. Can I simply copy and edit the projects.xml file or is there more that must be done?




Hi Alan,

You can either move the files over to the new directory structure or you can change the paths in Settings -> Version Control. Please let me know if that does not work for you.



Kevin, I have already copied all the files. When you launch the internal version manager none of the files show up. It appears to be the projects.xml file which actually is used to determine what is tracked. As stated earlier, I’ve already changed all the path statements to the appropriate settings for a non-redirected installation. If you study the projects.xml file you will find additional path data contained in that file as well. Ultimately I want to move everything from the two prior installations to the new installation and remove the older installations.


There are two folders inside of the C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation #\VersionManager folder. Server - which contains the server component of version control and Client which contains the client component. Did you copy both over to the new installation directory? Projects.xml only relates to the server side component.


Hi Alan,

You’re taking the right direction. Anyway, to be sure nothing gets lost because this is a hack of configurations in fact, back up all files that are being manipulated.

One more thing you need to do to have those multiple copied Version Manager projects and files show up in your new installation is that you must merge particular project.xml files of the original versioned projects into one for that new commercial installation.

You must put individual Version manager objects into one project.xml .
Also change paths to the corresponding directory of your installation.


Then version get loaded correctly.


You don’t need to copy Local dir of Version manager provided you saved and closed the versioned models. I haven’t tested behavior when you have original models unsaved or opened.