Corrupt models after system crash

After having a couple of system crashes in a row, I find about half of my TOAD models are corrupt. They fail to open with an error of "Error during running action of Command Line “Open-File”.!

After both crashes I had to re-install TDM. It’s possible that I installed a different, more current version the first time. Right now I’m running Is it possible that, if I touched those models with a more current version of TOAD, will no longer open them?

Luckily, my most critical models are opening fine. But I’d sure like to recover these. I’ve gone back several versions in the source control of these models with no effect - none will open.

Attaching an example…hopefully not too big.

thanks in advance.

Mine_Profile_Model.txp (897 KB)


in general, when you open a file with the latest version of some software and then try it to open in older version, problems may occur or it will not be possible to open the file at all. Imagine what would happen if you tried to open *.docx in Word 95?

Every new version contains improvements. Information must be stored somewhere, in majority of cases in your model file. Older version knows nothing about the new data stored in newer format, that is why it cannot process the data. So, if you open model in version 4.x, do not try to open it in version 3.x. You will loose some data or the model can be get corrupted.

The attached model can be open in TDM version 4.1 normally.