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Crash on upgrade to 5.0

I upgraded to TDM 5.0 last week but the first model I opened (from 4.3) crashed. I sent an automatic bug report on the 22nd but haven’t heard anything back.

Can anyone provide an update to this?

Hi Kevin,

I have tried to reproduce the issue that appears when trying to look into the model file, but couldn’t get access violation error you received.

Does the error still appear?

If yes, are you able/allowed to provide the model (to

Thank you!


The problem appears to be related to the project, not the model. By rebuilding the project I’m able to upgrade to 5.0.

I deleted all the tables from all the models and the fault still occurs. I have sent an archive of the project (with empty models) to the modeling email address.

Hi Kevin,

Checked the project xml you sent and found the problem. In the past, up to TDM 4.3, models paths were absolute, which was improved by CR 93523 to relative paths. Solution is either rebuilding, recreating the the project, or editing that TXJ xml file and set paths correctly.



Thanks, Lukas.