Error during running action of Command Line "Open-File".!

I am moving from a physical Windows 7 laptop to a Windows 7 VM under Parallels on a Mac. I’ve installed TDM on the VM but it is unable to open any of the models I have copied over. They still open fine on the physical Windows but not under the VM. The TDM are slightly different versions – physical has v5.0.5.31, the VM has v5.1.1.12 – but I wouldn’t expect that to be the issue. They both have the same physical model types available; i.e., SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

One other difference is that the physical TDM was originally installed separately from Toad for Oracle and is licensed separately. The VM TDM was installed from the commercial installer that installed Toad for Oracle and is licensed with that same license used for Toad for Oracle. Again, I wouldn’t expect the licensing to be a factor, but…


Hi Rod,

Are you getting an error message when trying to open the models on the VM?




TDM uses Microsoft Scripting Engine (standard part of Windows OS), there might be some problem with access to the scripting engine on VM/Parallels.

Please send us more information about the error or screenshots.