Unable to access Logical Data Model - get an Access Violation Error after "Last Designer..." msg

Unable to access Data Model after doing a conversion to Physical (DB2 UDB v8.)

Get ‘Last Designer of model “Logical model” has just been closed. Do you want to close the model too?’ message.

And then (after clicking on either Yes or No) get the following error msg -

“Access violation at address 00DA814C in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 00000000.”

Using TDM V5.1.1.12 on Windows 7 Enterprise.

Model file attached.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I have no other version of this Logical Mode, only a copy of the conversion to Physical.

*** Also seems mad that I can’t upload an attachment of type ‘txl’ into the TOAD forum !!! Had to rename to ‘txt’ to get it to save !! ***
Master Person Logical Model.txt (125 KB)


What I tried is that I opened the model, got the error and clicked “No” in the Last Designer dialog. The model stayed opened even though I couldn’t open any of its designers. I found the model in Application View, right-clicked it and selected Repair Model. It seems the model causes no more trouble after doing that, but you should see for yourself if everything is alright.

If you encounter any more errors, let me know. And yes, the inability to upload TDM files here is a bit troubling.


Master Person Logical Model(fixed).txt (123 KB)

Hi Lukas,

Many thanks for your assistance.

Really appreciate you repairing the model for me - there are some minor relationships missing which I can easily reconstruct.

However, when I follow your instructions - I can see the Model in the Application View, but right-clicking doesn’t give me an option to ‘repair’ - is this a Pro feature ??

Also, do you have any idea what would have caused this as I’d like to avoid any future issues if possible.



Ooops !! Just figured it out - Expert Mode enables the Repair Model option.

Thanks again for your assistance Lukas.



No problem, glad you figured it out on your own.

Also it seems that the problem was caused by two relationships (the first between ADDRESS and PERSON and the second between RELATIONSHIPS and RELATIONSHIP TYPE entities). They were graphically represented on workspace but they didn’t actually exist in the model. Repair Model function simply deleted their graphics, that’s why they “dissapeared”.

Can you recall any nonstandard actions you may have done with those relationships? Usually once you delete something from the model, it’s graphical shortcut on workspace gets deleted as well. It didn’t happen here for some reason. If you can figure out when does this happen, or reproduce this issue, we might be able to fix it. If not, don’t worry about it.