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Find the source code

hey friends,
can i see which query code of the column which i select in toad data grid?

for example;

I want to see the source code of the selected cells of the selected rows

Sorry, Toad doesn't have anything like that. You can do F4 on the view name to get a Describe window for the view, then click the "Script" tab and look at the source manually, but that's all. However, views can be build on other views so this may not always show you the entire picture. But you can always F4 on the the next views if you want.

now i have to combine another table to my view but there is no id column. how can i combine these?

You don't always have to use an id column, but you do to find some way to uniquely identify rows so that they can be joined. You really should talk to someone who knows the data.

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which i should use inner join or cross join?

I don't know your data, nor what result you want to achieve so I can't answer that.