How can I create Materialized view using a wizard?

I am new to Toad. Please how can I create a materialized view using a wizard in toad?

Starting from how Toad most likely looks the first time you start it....

Video shows 2 ways to get to the Create MV window, and then how to alter an already created MV.


You blew my mind with this GIf. Do you have video's on youtube or book that details tips and tricks on how to use features of Toad for oracle with good examples.

There's a lot on youtube by various people, just search there.

Quest also has a free self paced training course.

And we're always happy to answer specific questions here.

Yes I watched the online web-based fundamental Training from quest and no example was mentioned about creating materialized views and views in the training.
Is there an option to create materialized view using Sql queries from Query builder?
I am new on toad for Oracle and so got questions to ask.

I don't think there is a 1-click option from query builder to Create MV, but you can always CTRL+C to copy the SQL from query builder to clipboard, then open the Create MV window, then CTRL+V to paste the SQL from clipboard into the Create MV dialog.

if you are creating a lot of MVs you could add a button on the toolbar to launch the Create MV window like this:


If you feel like there is too much stuff on the toolbar, see this post on simplifying Toad's GUI.

thank you for your explanations

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