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Cross-Connection to identify what is matching and what is not matching


Is there anyway to identify what is not matching data from cross-connection?

For example:

  • Source has 100 records
  • Target has 90 records
  • Cross-connection displays 80 matching records.

10 records are not in the target and another 10 records are not matching.

Thank you,

There's a couple ways to do this in TDP Professional.

  1. Probably the simplest method is to join your two tables, and then right-click on the join line that relates the two tables in your query diagram and choose "Analyze Join". See snap below.

  2. TDP Pro's Data Compare facility also supports cross-platform comparisons, where datatype compatibilities across platforms allow. This would yield more details about any differences and value changes, and can even generate a sync script to make target look like source, or source look like target.

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Hi Gary,

Analyze Join sounds great. I've tried, but I to the error message below.

Are the FILE_ID columns of the same or compatible datatypes? Otherwise, definitely sounds like a Support call then... 5.4 version was released a few weeks ago... if you upgrade to 5.4, does it still happen?