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Single vs Cross-Connection returning different results record count

I created a Toad View and put it in a single-connection query builder and got over 12K records in my results when I selected Fetch ALL Rows. I took that same Toad View and put it into a cross-connection query builder (with no other changes). Again, I selected Fetch ALL Rows, only this time only 1,092 records returned. I found an old entry (e.g. 2014) in the Toad World forums where another user had this same issue. The resolution suggested for that user was to upgrade his Oracle Client Drivers to 11g/12c (he was using 9). That solution doesn't work for me since I am already using 12c.

BTW - I am currently using TDP ver 64-bit.

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I assume you are joining the Toad View on a column to some other datasource. The issue probably lies within that area and how those two columns are mapped. This sounds like it would be best investigated through support. Can you open a support ticket?

Hi Debbie - Initially I had joined three Toad Views together (in the cross-connection modeler) and noticed the counts were off from my single connection/single view test so I started removing other tables and views to find which part was causing the disconnect. It was when I got down to the single view and found I was still getting a record delta that I knew I found something wrong. I will log a support ticket. Thank you