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[CTL][SHIFT] [Down Arrow]

When I use this feature in 6.5 I get the attached. First picture is specs second picture is body…

CTL-SHIFT-ARROW UP takes me back to the specs on the package it is on in the body (works normally).

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Hi Dale,

Apparently, when you press CTRL-SHIFT-UP in the specs, the caret is not at the procedure header but just before it (since there are some spaces before the word PROCEDURE) and therefore the shortcut takes you to the body of the previous procedure in the spec. Any part of text preceding the word PROCEDURE or FUNCTION is not considered part of the procedure/function header. I realize this may be inconvenient so will raise an enhancement request. In the meantime, please make sure the caret is at the word PROCEDURE or after it when you use the shortcut.


Maybe I didn´t understand the question but It seams like it’s jumping to the wrong procedure.

One problem I noticed is that the spec of the function/procedure must match (even “default” statements) for the ctl-shift->arrow to work correcly (if it doesn’t match it goes to the first line in the body)


Ok, yes to both, because there are spaces before the word Procedure in the specs, pressing CTL-SHIFT-Down Arrow it goes to the previous procedure. If I put the cursor in the word (or at the first position of the word) procedure it goes to the correct procedure. So My enhancement request would be to Remove Leading spaces on the “current Line” prior to determining where to “Jump”.