CTRL+N behavior in editor in 11.5

CTRL+N used to prompt you with your list of named SQL in the editor, now it seems to toggle the Query Viewer tab in the bottom half of the editor. There isn’t a command in the ‘Shortcuts’ option window to reconfigure it either. Am I missing something? Was this change intended?

Also the help is confusing in this area as well. If you search for CTRL+N in the help, it is listed as the shortcut for doing a sum in the data grid area, while it is also still listed as the way to ‘use a saved statement in the editor’. Doesn’t make any sense to me why it would be the default for the grid ‘sum’ action.

Finally, even though CTRL+N is mapped to something, it not listed at all in the Options/Shortcuts window - seems like all existing shortcuts should be in there.

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This was resolved by my discovery that somehow CTRL+N got overridden to a different function. Upon deleting that from the shortcut options it reverted back to its default behavior. Not sure why the upgrade caused the change, but once again, CTRL+N in the editor prompts you with your named SQL.