Blank Editor tab lost focus

It's quite a strange situation and I haven't quite figured out in which cases it happens. If I use Ctrl+N (*shortcut key of new SQL tab *) or the 'Create new Tab' button on the toolbar, then the content of the Editor cannot be written immediately. First I've to click into it. The 'new tab' function works correctly when opening a whole new Editor window.

I'm using a saved Workspace, only auto save option allowed. I manually loaded the selected workspace to load its content.

I'm using the most current beta.
Toad for Oracle Professional (64-bit)

I stumbled across this problem too. At the moment, I can actually reproduce it.

  1. an editor tab is open and has the focus
  2. Type Ctrl-N. It opens a second tab, but no cursor is visible.
  3. if text is now typed in, it ends up in the editor of the first tab, although this editor is not visible.

Manually switching tabs doesn't change input-focus as well.

Edit: even restarting Toad did not help.

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Should I provide more information about that issue? Unfortunately, the current malfunction is quite annoying since the entered text is not directly inserted in the newly opened window, but in the last used one. This can lead to a pretty strange situation, especially if you are working directly on files.

Thanks your reply.

I can't reproduce this but I'll try again if you send me your user files folder.

My steps were:

  1. set the shortcut in options window
  2. open an editor
  3. type CTRL+N
  4. start typing - for me text goes into the new tab.

I don't know why workspace would affect this but maybe it does.


Thanks. I can reproduce it. Trying to figure out the exact cause and a solution.

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