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Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down not working in Describe Window of OBJECTs

I like the way that Spec and Body are displayed in different tabs (think that this is better than the solution with packages), but this does not allow to use Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to navigate between Spec and Body. It works in the Editor though.

Is there an easy way to enable this in the Describe Window too? Thanks!

OK, I added this for the next beta. You’ll have to click inside the spec/body text control this to work, but once you’ve done that for either one of them, the shortcut will take you back and forth between the two.

Ok, I was thinking about navigating to the same method of the object.
Exactly the way it works for packages, and also the way it works for objects when both spec and body are opened in the editor instead of the describe window.

OK, this is added for the next beta.