Cursor positioned incorrectly after syntax error


I very much like the feature that the cursor is placed at the error location whenever a statement fails.
The larger the statement, the greater the benefit.

Now, in the attached query there is a an error on line 1084 (rtn alias should have been grtn instead.

Yet, when I hit F9 or Ctrl-Enter, the cursor will position to line 160, which is utterly unrelated to the issue.
The error message itself, as issued by Oracle, is clear enough, though:

[Error] Execution (160: 10): ORA-00904: “RTN”.“ROUTINE_TYPE”: invalid identifier

Can you fix toad to correctly position the cursor after the error occurs?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis.

Attachment contains sample statement in file _gen_test.
The other scripts are for creating the input tables and filling their content.
Some of these scripts rely on meta-data on the database, so will fail on your system.
If you need the real data to validate, I’ll create an export for you.