Script error moves cursor to top

Working in TOAD
When e.i. there is an typing-error in my script and I try to run that script, a get an error.
But accepting this error, moves my cursor to the top of that script instead of staying on the current cursor-position.
In TOAD 12, when getting an error, the cursor stayed at this position.
Is that a setting in TOAD?

I can't reproduce that. I ran a script full of "select * from dual;" and in the middle was a "select * from xxx;". It stopped on the XXX to show the error. I clicked "ignore", then the script finished, and when it was done, it went back to the line with the XXX.

Maybe this option is checked for you and the error is in the list?

By the way, Toad 14.0 had a lot of problems of freezing up. 14.2 is a lot better, and 15.0 will be out in a month or so. I recommend you update to one of those if you are having any problems at all. The only catch - Toad 14.2 has a problem with Oracle client version, so if you have that client version, you'd have to update that to,, or 18c. (We'll have that fixed in version 15.1 betas)

I checked out this option but the problem remains.
Error at line 2306 and after click 'Ignore' or 'Cancel' , the cursor moves back to the top.


Oh, I see, this is a package that you are compiling. If it is the only one in the editor, compile it with F9 instead of F5.

I can't get an popup error with a mistake in a package. I just see this:


is 't not a package.
It's a script with
Function A
Function B
Function C
Call Function A
and there is an type-error somewhere in Function A.
The cursor returns always to the Declare line.

OK, I can reproduce this now, but it looks like it's working the same way in Toad 12.0.

I'll fix it for Toad 15.1.

OK. That's nice you'll fix it.
I'm also using Toad and there I don't have this 'problem'.
(is 't not really a problem or error, it's rather a 'nice to have').